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Subaru XV


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On Highway

Whatever comes your way. Wherever your drive leads you. Whenever it takes an unexpected turn. The Subaru XV is poised to take on all your urban adventures — both the planned and spontaneous. It's stylish, spirited and versatile, giving you the unique tools and functionality to go where your lifestyle leads.

And inside every Subaru is the exclusive combination of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive with the SUBARU BOXER engine, providing a delightfully responsive drive and sure control to deftly navigate the streets. You'll find an unmatched sense of possibility, security and exhilaration that makes the Subaru XV distinctly suited for the living city. Because what's inside a Subaru will give you confidence like no other.

Fog Lamps

Multi-reflector fog lamps emit a wide, flat beam that reflects less glare in fog, for added safety.

Roofrails (2.0i-Premium)

Ready to support your life's accessories, roofrails on the Subaru XV add more utility to your enjoyable drive.

17-inch Aluminium Wheels

The SUBARU XV comes with a set of stylish 17-inch hoops with a look unlike anything else out there. They'll look good on the red carpet, in the dirt, or at the slopes.

Front Under Spoiler

In addition to contributing to the bolder looking front stance of the XV, the front under spoiler is designed to direct airflow more efficiently to generate a generous amount of front-end down force, which helps to improve stability on the road and increase front wheels traction at high speeds.

Side Under Spoiler

With striking painted side lines and a lowered appearance, the side under spoilers significantly help in channeling a better air flow at high speeds and giving the XV a distinctive sporty look and feel.

Rear Under Spoiler

For maximum efficient channeling of airflow from front to rear, the rear under spoiler completes the package by adding on to the down force needed for smooth handling. Furthermore, it shows an aggressive side of the XV from the rear as well.

Roof Spoiler

To achieve optimum aerodynamic balance, the roof spoiler generates down force from the airflow over the back of the XV to further improve high-speed stability.

Touchscreen Control

The touchscreen is a useful way to select your music, just as you would on your smartphone. Simply connect your smartphone through Bluetooth®*1 or the USB port, and you can choose your music right on the touchscreen.

Dual-zone Automatic Air-conditioning System (2.0i-Premium)

Manage airflow and temperature of the driver and passenger sides independently with the available dual climate control. A microscopic filter helps keep dust out of the cabin.

Cruise Control (2.0i-Premium)

One-touch control allows the driver to set and maintain a steady cruising speed, convenient for long-distance driving on open motorways.

Rear vision camera (2.0i-Premium)

When the driver shifts into reverse, the camera displays a live color image on SUBARU XV in-dash display, along with guidelines to assist in parking manoeuvers.

Keyless access and push-button start (2.0i-Premium)

Your key fob gives you easy keyless access. Simply grip the door handles to unlock them, and start the engine with a button.

6-Speaker Premium Audio System (2.0i-Premium)

6-Speaker Premium Audio System tuned for the SUBARU XV’s acoustics, resulting in a rich sound that enraptures the sense.

60/40 Split rear seats

The SUBARU XV can carry five passengers and pack five carry-on suitcases at the same time. It'll take on your latest urban or outdoor excursion with ease.


With the ceiling-mounted microphone added, the available Bluetooth®*1 hands-free system automatically connect your compatible mobile phone for convenient, hands-free talking. It also enables you to wirelessly stream audio from the compatible Bluetooth® music player and read your e-mails.

USB and auxiliary audio input jack

Plug in your iPod *2 or other portable music player to the standard AUX or optimal 2 USB input jacks and listen to your favorite MP3 or WMA tunes through the robust SUBARU XV audio system.

Exclusive Crosstrek Edition Leather Seats

The Leather Seats are upholstered with suede material that provides superior comfort and grip for the driver and passengers alike.


The satisfaction of the drive comes from symmetry and balance. That is why Subaru has been developing and perfecting the Symmetrical AWD system since 1972. Matched with the SUBARU BOXER engine for a near-perfect symmetrical layout, it delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, providing balance and stability for total control in ever-shifting road conditions.

Symmetrical AWD

Dynamic Performance

Excellent road adhesion gives acceleration an immediate and exhilarating feel. Symmetry enhances the Subaru XV’s handling to be more stable and responsive during cornering, imparting a unique feeling of control in any situation.

Constant Contact

The more your tyres are engaging the road, the greater control, security and connection you have. Power is routed to all four wheels all the time, maximising handling and traction.

Agility in an Emergency

In bad weather, or in the precious seconds it takes to react to a sudden situation, the symmetrical drivetrain with almost total side-to-side balance provides the stability, agility and traction that help you step around danger.


  • Security System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-Starter
  • Dual Airbag
  • Intermittent Wipers
  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Seat
  • Power Steering
  • CD Player
  • Driver Side Airbag
  • Power Windows
  • Remote Start